Top 11 Well- Designed Websites Created on User-Friendly Platforms in 2024

Whether you have an online store or a physical shop, having a website is crucial for customers to discover and know more about your business. Building beautiful and professionally designed websites has become easy and budget-friendly, thanks to various free and affordable website builders available to everyone. 

In this article, we’ll showcase inspiring websites and share some basic design principles to ensure you make a great impression online.

Top Designed Websites of 2024

Here are some of the top designed websites of 2024:

1. Kismet:

Kismet website is a visual delight, blending colors and patterns that showcase their product beautifully. With easy navigation, customers can explore a variety of unique items seamlessly.

This restaurant in Los Angeles has a straightforward website that provides essential information for potential customers. The details are neatly arranged across linked pages for easy navigation. The site reflects the restaurant’s brand design, featuring subtle elements like a split-color background and a custom font in the navigation menu and page titles. Additionally, it offers user-friendly accessibility options through a Squarespace widget provided by AudioEye.

Kismet - Designed Websites

2. Fully Raw:

FullyRaw’s website is a health haven, featuring vibrant images of fresh produce and easy-to-follow recipes. It promotes a healthy lifestyle with its clean design and user-friendly interface.

FullyRaw Kristina, also known as Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, is behind the lifestyle brand FullyRaw. The brand offers various things like online programs, retreats, a book, live speaking, coaching, and more. The website has a bunch of information covering these different aspects, but the main page is well-organised for a quick look at what the business provides. Throughout the site, you’ll find consistent bold colours and fonts, even in the pictures of juices and produce.

Fully Raw - Designed Websites

3. Industrial Jewelry:

The Industrial Jewelry website exudes modern elegance, highlighting their artistic and bold jewelry pieces. The sleek design mirrors the sophistication of their craftsmanship.

In London, Hila Rawet Karni, a modern jewelry designer, cleverly showcases her industrial pieces on her homepage. As you scroll through her jewelry, photos of the designer appear layered beneath the product images, giving you a glimpse of the artist. This website demonstrates the possibilities of using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor like Wix, especially when you have the creativity and expertise of a designer at your disposal.

Industrial Jewelry - Designed websites

4. Girlboss

Girlboss’s website is a powerhouse of inspiration, using bold visuals and empowering content. The design reflects the brand’s ethos, creating a space where ambitious women can connect and thrive.

Girlboss creates a community and sells cool stuff online. They’ve a shop with products they like, and it’s all made easy using Shopify. The website isn’t just for shopping; it feels like a friendly community. The design is simple but cool,  fastening on content and using  filmland and designs that show off the brand’s personality.

Girlboss - Designed Websites

5. Fat Choy:

Fat Choy’s website captures the essence of its unique cuisine, featuring mouthwatering images and a user-friendly menu. The design invites visitors to explore the fusion of flavors in a delightful way.

In the heart of New York City, this vegan Chinese-inspired restaurant sets its vibe right from the homepage. Using a simple Squarespace layout, the custom illustrations and a bold header font combined with a clean body font capture the restaurant’s personality. The well-coordinated gallery with stylish product images adds sophistication, all without the need for complicated coding.

Fat Choy - Designed Websites

6. Knapsack Creative

Knapsack Creative’s website is a testament to their creativity, with a clean layout that showcases their portfolio effectively. The design mirrors the simplicity and sophistication they bring to their projects.

This Squarespace design agency skillfully incorporates intricate design elements and advanced CSS coding. Their clean homepage features a prominent call to action (CTA) right at the top, and creative background designs guide you down the page seamlessly. Using graphics with unique frames and overlapping photos on brushed backgrounds adds a visually engaging touch beyond standard rectangles.

Knapsack Creative - Designed Websites

7. Grette:

Grette‘s website exudes professionalism, with a sleek design that reflects their legal expertise. The layout is intuitive, making it easy for clients to find the information they need.

This Norwegian law firm blends professionalism with style. The homepage features a modern graphic and ample space, projecting expertise without overwhelming visitors. Clean team headshots against a consistent background maintain a polished look, and a subtle overlay effect on image hover adds a pleasant touch using minimal CSS.

Grette - Designed Websites

8. The Cool Club:

The Cool Club’s website is a cool and trendy space, featuring stylish visuals and engaging content. The design captures the essence of the brand’s hip and youthful vibe.

This Dutch company sells cool card games and graphic prints with a simple and neat style. Their website is just as cool, with a moving image of cards at the top and clever coding that adds frames to the designs below. The artwork details only show up when you hover over an image, keeping the whole page in line with their minimalist vibe.

The Cool Club - Designed Websites

9. Wendy Ju:

Wendy Ju is a blend of innovation and simplicity, reflecting her work in human-computer interaction. The design is user-friendly, allowing visitors to delve into her research seamlessly.

Wendy Ju, a UI/UX designer from New York City, used her talents to create a Wix website with added CSS and HTML coding. The homepage has a cool picture in English and Chinese to welcome you. There’s a special effect that makes a red dot follow your mouse, making the site more fun and encouraging you to explore.

Wendy Ju - Designed Websites

10. Mikaela Reuben:

Mikaela Reuben is a well-known nutritionist and wellness expert, recognized for her expertise in creating healthy and delicious meals. Her work extends to collaborating with individuals, brands, and organizations, emphasizing the importance of nourishing the body with wholesome foods. Through her innovative approach, Mikaela inspires others to adopt a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition and overall well-being.

Mikaela Reuben - Designed Website

11. Harper Wilde:

Harper Wilde’s website is a bra shopping paradise, with a clean and organized layout that makes finding the perfect fit a breeze. The design reflects the brand’s commitment to simplicity and comfort.

This intimate apparel brand embraces inclusivity through diverse model representation on its homepage and an accessible site with a Shopify widget from AudioEye. The design, with flat elements and wide fonts, nods to Gen Z aesthetics. The intuitive organization ensures a clutter-free shopping experience while effectively conveying the brand’s mission and values.

Harper Wilde - Designer Website

Key Features of Designed Websites

Here are some key features of designed websites:


Your website is like your online business face. It’s the first thing people see and it shapes their impression of your brand. Make it a positive experience by keeping things simple and easy to navigate. Focus on the essential info to connect with your audience. For more insights or to discuss your design needs, feel free to contact me

As a freelance developer, I specialize in creating websites on user-friendly platforms. Designed websites and user-friendly platforms await your exploration.